Apr 28, 2011

Random Clip Of Awesomness!

While scouring the information super highway, one can come across a delicious amount of cool things to look at. Indeed, the amount of good content online is staggering. In fact, it is proven beyond the shadow of a doubt (my doubts specifically) that you can't see all the things the interbutts has to offer.

Thats why I present you with RANDOM CLIPS OF AWESOMENESS! (insert echo). Here I will present clips the of classiest things you may have missed.

In this first installment I present you with master of the motor, the king of the clutch- Pit manuever...guy!

This man puts Vin Deisel to shame.

Indeed, as a law abiding citizen, I can only assume this man was wanted for a misdeed, like theft or manslaughter. Yet, as someone who really enjoys this man skills, I assume he's being hunted like Jason Bourne: because he's just too bad ass.

Notice how he not only recovers 3 times but every time he does so, white, benevolent smoke eeks from his tires. Also, if you zoom in he is also grabbing onto his steering wheel, pinkies out.

So here's to you mystery man! Keep driving like there's not tomorrow, because after the police get you... there won't be.


  1. That video is actually pretty cool. Awesome drifting. Too bad the police are chasing him.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this video. Perhaps, it's because I recently saw the latest installment of the Fast and the Furious movie franchise or I secretly harbor ambitions of becoming a spy, but I am very jealous of this mystery man. Kudos to you, mystery man.