Mar 8, 2011

Dancing: The Timeless Art of Self Expression.

Some may be wary to make their way to the dance floor, as dancing is an acquired skill. When you are out at a club or show, you may hear the rhythm and beat get under your skin and the expression that exudes can be thrilling. To those of you who love it, huzzah! To others, here is my plea:

It's okay to be nervous about dancing. You may be scared of spilling your glass of 1923 Dom Perignon. Or that you will  accidentally lose the penny in your loafers- ruining that financial investment.

So what do you do? Sit there, a devilish grin on your face, being a silent observer to the revelry happening around you. You might nod your head, or sway your arms a little, but ultimately there is a pungent stench of awkward around you.

To all my classy readers who have this dilemma, allow me to explain this: introversion is nonsense, poppycock, and hogwash. The only way to look stupid while dancing is to not dance. A classy gent should always say yes to a challenge. Whether it be cutting a rug on the dance floor or playing chess with a bear. You are no coward, and when you are able to strip off the silly shackles of self-consciousness, you can do some amazing things.

Look at Carlton, for example:

This is a man with a passion for the dance. Notice his nonchalance, his mojo, his feet of flames. Clearly, this shows not only his energetic style, but a need to express it. Yet, his passion is still stifled because he thinks he looks silly, and the Fresh Prince is doing no favors by looking at him with a blank stare. Way to be a douche,  Will Smith.

Once you embrace the music you will be able to express yourself. Starting from the timid foot tap, your game will evolve into a full out choreographed extravaganza. You will then be able to dance well by implementing new creative approaches and signature moves. I urge you to embrace this. Become the Albert Einstein of breaking it down and unleash an atomic bomb of rhythmic destruction across the dance hall. Your arsenal of weapons will become an awe inspiring triumph. Then you will be able to use your skills to your own ends. Like this mans eagerness to please:

As shown, 'the puke' is generally not a well received dance move. But the fact still remains that dancing can help you get what you want. Why is that?

Because dancing is confidence, and nothing is more alluring to people than a confident stride and an 'I know I'm awesome' attitude.  And if you're really confident, you can actually try to be the fool. You can move onto the scene with your head held high and your booty a-shakin. Just look at these guys and their new dance:

With over 13 million views these guys are obviously doing something right. Ironically, it is also something very, very wrong. Let us just percolate on this video. How creepy these people are, and yet how hilariously fun it might actually be to do.

So there you have it, gentleman. You can either be a slave to your own insecurities, or embrace the inner machinations of your heart. Don't be scared, good chaps. Let your freak flags fly! Raise the roof! Put your hands in the air, if you's a true player; because you will be the talk of the town, when you're breaking it down.



  1. Jeff, I'm loving it! I couldn't agree with you more on this subject. It pains me when I see someone who is inspired by the music but is a prisoner in their body. You can see their limbs pulsating, wishing to break through the shackles of convention, but they don't. It's so sad, and it's with these people that I want to dance. You're right, you're better off dancing like an idiot than standing by the sidelines, wistful. Personally, my favorite "I don't give a damn" dance is that of Elaine Benes's:
    Charming, no?

  2. Via Tony,

    Raiders, That was awesome. I really like Breakin-it-down. I just recently went to a dance club from about 11pm to 8am (3 venues). It was awesome. Your right though, Sir, it's really important to dance. It does build confidence and a little bounce in the knees doesn't hurt a bit. When I was a toddler, I use to bounce in my parents station wagon when the radio came on. I am the Travolta of my family, but I feel like that guy puking sometimes. Well, I promise myself, you, and all the fellow gentlemen, and of course the ladies, that I'll get on the dance floor as much as possible and show them how it's done.